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Post-1964 Legistlative Route Graphic

Former State Route 195

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Routing Routing

Former Rte 195From Route 86 near Oasis to Route 111 near Mecca via Pierce Street and Avenue 66. This route ceases to be a state highway when Route 86 Expressway is constructed from near Oasis to Route 10.

Post 1964 Signage History Post 1964 Signage History

In 1963, Route 195 was defined as "Route 86 near Oasis to Route 10 near Shaver's Summit via Pierce Street, Avenue 66, and Mecca."

In 1972, Chapter 1216 deleted the portion between Route 111 and Route 10, and added a sunset condition: "Route 86 near Oasis to Route 10 near Shaver's Summit Route 111 near Mecca via Pierce Street and Avenue 66 and Mecca. This route shall cease to be a state highway when Route 86 Freeway is constructed from near Oasis to Route 10."

In 1981, Chapter 292 changed "Freeway" to "Expressway"

By 2003, it appears that Route 195 had been decomisssioned, although it still remains on the books, and shields remain up.

In December 2012, Route 86S was officially resigned as Route 86. Given that Route 86S was former Route 195, it is likely that Route 195 is no longer a state highway.

SR 195 to SR 111 xferIn 2014, a portion of former Route 195 was moved to Route 111. The route adoption noted the history of the route, and specifically noted how, in March 1988, a supplemental project reported was completed for a Route 86 expressway between Avenue 82 and Avenue 66 (Route 195) and for a freeway between Avenue 66 and Dillon Road. This supplemental project report down scoped the previously approved project on Route 86 from a four lane freeway to an expressway between Avenue 82 and Avenue 66. In 2001, the Route 86 Expressway (Route 86S) was completed. The expressway runs from I-10 at Coachella to join Route 86 at Oasis. The segment from Mecca to Coachella is a joint section of Route 86 and Route 111. Additionally in 2001, a supplemental project report was completed to address specific terms of the rehabilitation and relinquishment of existing Route 86, Route 111 and Route 195 in the area. In 2009 the relinquishments for Route 86, Route 111 and Route 195 were completed. However, a one mile section of Route 195 between Route 86S (renumbered to Route 86 in December 2012) and Route 111 (Avenue 66) was not relinquished. Given the definition of Route 195 (which indicates it is no longer a state route), in December 2014 this segment was adopted as Route 111 Post Mile R18.5 to R19.4.

Pre 1964 Signage History Pre 1964 Signage History

The history of Route 195 starts with LRN 146. In 1933, Chapter 767 added the following routes to the highway system:

In 1935, LRN 146 was added to the highway code with the following routings:

  1. County Line near Palo Verde to [LRN 64] near Blythe
  2. [LRN 64] near Blythe to [LRN 58] near Needles
  3. [LRN 58] W of Needles northerly to the Nevada state line

US Highway Shield All of these portions were signed as Route 195. In 1940, US 95 was extended into California all the way to Blythe. At this time, both NV 5 and Route 195 were renumbered as US 95. It appears that Route 195 signage was removed from the portion S of Blythe at that time (at least it isn't shown on maps). The portion of LRN 146 from Blythe S to Palo Verde would be extended SW to Brawley in 1959, and the entire route renumbered as Route 78 in 1964, although the portion S of Palo Verde was signed as County Sign Route S78 until construction was completed.

Pre-1964 State Shield US Highway Shield In 1931, LRN 64 was extended to the California Nevada state line from Blythe. In 1932, US 60 was extended from Texas to downtown Los Angeles. In 1934, US 70 was extended to Los Angeles, and US 60/US 70 was signed along Box Canyon. In 1935, US 60/US 70 was rerouted on a spur of LRN 64 called the "Indio Cut Off", and it saved 9 miiles over the Box Canyon routing. It is unclear what signage was left on Box Canyon Road at that time, although it remained under state maintenance.

In 1940, with the creation of US 95 over what was then Route 195 on LRN 146, the signed designation of Route 195 was shifted to Box Canyon Road spur of LRN 64. This instantiation was routed from US 60/70 at Chiriaco Summit southwest to Route 111 in Mecca. LRN 64 was actually a route with a spur: the original LRN 64 carrying Route 195 on Box Canyon Road, and a spur of LRN 64 carrying US 60/US 70 on the north segment. Some portions of Route 195 were LRN 203 and LRN 204: The portion of Route 195 that was moved to Route 111 in 2014 was LRN 203, defined in 1935 and the portion of LRN 204 (also defined in 1935) between Pierce Street and Route 111.
(Some information sourced from: Gribblenation Blog: Old US Route 60/70 through Hell (Chuckwall Valley Road and Ragsdale Road); Gribblenation Blog: "BoxCanyon Road (former US 60, US 70 and the second California State Route 195)")

Additionally, according to Scott Parker on AAroads: "1934-era Route 195 was ever-so-briefly part of US 91 prior to US 95 being commissioned over that route plus the remainder of Route 195 down to Blythe. US 66 originally followed the Santa Fe (now BNSF, of course) main line that paralleled its Goffs Rd. alignment before the cut-off that's now part of I-40 was built in the '30's. The commissioning of US 95 came at approximately the same time as that of US 395 to the west, which subsumed both the northern part of original Route 7 but also the original Route 95 between US 66 at Hesperia via Kramer Corners to Inyokern. For the first quarter-century of the CA state highway network, the designation of the desert arterials was constantly in a state of flux until the U.S. highway system essentially "maxed out" right after WW II. According to Tom Fearer, the 1926 State Highway map shows US 91 ending in Daggett, but by 1928 the state maintenance had shifted west to Barstow to 1st Avenue.
(Source: Scott Parker (SParker), Tom Fearer (Max Rockatansky). on AAroads, 4/19/2018)

Status Status

The Route 86 expressway has been completed; as of 2003, however, the state highway signage for Route 195 has not been removed.

In July 2008, the CTC relinquished right of way in the county of Riverside on: Route 86 between Route 86S and Avenue 54 including adjacent right of way along Route 86 for drainage purposes (8-Riv-86-PM 2.68/18.32); Route 111 between Route 195 and Route 86S (8-Riv-111-PM 18.48/20.05), and between Route 86S and the boundary line between Riverside County and the city of Coachella (8-Riv-111-PM 20.13/25.12); and Route 195 between Route 86 and Route 86S (8-Riv-195-PM 0.00/6.45), consisting of superseded highway right of way and collateral facilities.

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Statistics Statistics

Overall statistics for Route 195, as of 1995:

Pre-1964 Legislative Route Pre-1964 Legislative Route

In 1933, Chapter 767 defined the route from "[LRN 2] near Oceanside to Descanso-Temecula Road near Lake Henshaw" as part of the state highway system. In 1935, this route was added to the highway code as LRN 195, with the definition:

"[LRN 2] near Oceanside to [LRN 78] near Lake Henshaw"

This definition remained unchanged until the 1963 renumbering. It ran from US 101 (present-day I-5) near Oceanside to Route 79 near Lake Henshaw. This is present-day Route 76.

Acronyms and Explanations:

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