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Pre-1964 Legislative Route Graphic

Pre-1964 Legislative Route 291

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Status Status

Pre-1964 Leg Rte 291, Post-1964 Rte 213This number is not assigned to a post-1964 route.

Pre-1964 Legislative Route Pre-1964 Legislative Route

In 1961, Chapter 1838 defined LRN 291 as “[LRN 158] near Western Avenue to 25th Street in San Pedro”. This was Route 213.

In 1963, Chapter 1729 added the language "The commission may allocate from the State Highway Fund the necessary funds for the construction of all or any portion of said route when the County of Los Angeles and the Cities of Los Angeles and Torrance have entered into a co-operative agreement with the department wherein the said cities and county shall furnish to the state of California without charge all right-of-way necessary and agree to pay one-half the cost of plans and construction." However, this language never took effect, and the equivalent change was made to Chapter 385's Route 213.

Also in 1963, Chapter 2155 added a second definition of LRN 291, this time from [LRN 48] near Boonville to [LRN 1] near Ukiah, but this never took effect. In the post-1963 reality, that route was added as Route 253.

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