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Pre-1964 Legislative Route Graphic

Pre-1964 Legislative Route 286

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Status Status

Former Leg Rte 286 (pre-1964)Thisnumber is not assigned to a post-1964 route.

Pre-1964 Legislative Route Pre-1964 Legislative Route

In 1959, Chapter 1062 defined LRN 286 as “Sunset Cliffs Boulevard near Mission Bay southeasterly to [LRN 2]”.

In 1963, Chapter 526 eliminated the "near Mission Bay southeasterly", but didn't take effect due to Chapter 385. Instead, the equivalent change was made to Route 109.

This is the first segment of present-day I-8; it was previously Route 109. It runs from Sunset Cliffs Boulevard near Mission Bay I-5.

Acronyms and Explanations:

Back Arrow Route 285 Forward Arrow Route 287

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