California Highways

California Highways

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[Interstate Logo] US Interstate Highway [Former Interstate Logo] Former Interstate Highway
[State Highway Logo] Post 1964 California State Highway Former/No Exist State Highway Former Post 1964 State Highway
US Highway US Federal Highway Former US Highway Former Federal Highway
Pre-1964 State Highway 1935-1963 State Highway Former Pre-1964 State Highway Former 1935-1963 State Highway
County Highway Numbered County Highway Former County Highway Former Numbered County Highway
LRN 1935-1963 Legislative Route Unsigned Unsigned Post 1964 State Highway
Toll Road Toll Road Business Route Interstate Highway Business Route (used for business routes in general)
Unconstructed Unconstructed Post 1964 State Highway Under Construction Post 1964 State Highway under construction
Undetermined Undetermined Numbered County Highway Unsigned County Route Unsigned Numbered County Highway
OCTA Orange County Transportation Corridor

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