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Site Change Log
2001 Changes

December 2001:

I'm finally getting to the December changes... on January 1, 2002. Oh well.

Removed some broken links from Route 178 and Route 180. Put in some preliminary information on exit numbers. Added some more information on the history behind the "Devil's Slide" name on Route 1, courtesy of Eric Rice. Added information on a business route on Route 174. Noted the passage of the following bills/resolutions:

Updated the legislative information page. Added some new links.

  • November 2001. Not all that much this month. Patrick Carroll caught two typos in the description of Route 178 that have been fixed. Some of the usual link updates. There was nothing of significance in the November 2001 CTC Agenda.

  • October 2001:

    Updated status information on Route 71. Added some links for I-15, Route 22, Route 55, and US 101. Added new double fine information to Monterey County Sign Route G16, as a result of AB 398.

    Noted the passage of the following bills:

    Added or noted the following information from the October 2001 Agenda of the California Transportation Commission: (widenings are listed for information only; no changes to pages):

    September 2001:

    The usual round of link updates. Noted the chaptering/enrollment of a number of bills. The following were related to Highway Naming:

    Provided updated status information on Route 90, Route 126 (courtesy of Don Hagstrom), Route 168, Route 210. Added some road quality information to Route 4. Updated HOV status on I-15, due to SB 313. Added some updated and corrected information on the El Camino Real bells that was provided by Max Kurillo, Added some historical routing updates and corrections to LRN 2, LRN 4, LRN 5, LRN 75, LRN 166, LRN 172, LRN 173, LRN 230.

    August 2001:

    Not that many changes this month; I've been really tied up with other volunteer activities (I do publicity, newsletter, webpage, ad book, etc) for my synagogue. In any case, here we go...

    First, there was the usual series of link updates and changes. Added lots of historical information. Added the following information from the June 2001 Agenda of the California Transportation Commission: (widenings are listed for information only; no changes to pages)

    July 2001:

    Noted that AB 635 has been amended to apply to Route 126 as well as Route 1. Added a few new ACRs and SCRs to the legislation page. Added some more links, and updated others. Made some corrections on the signing status of County Sign Route E20 and County Sign Route E21.

    Added information on the following highway names approved by the legislature:

    Added the following information from the June 2001 Agenda of the California Transportation Commission: (widenings are listed for information only; no changes to pages)

    June 2001:

    Added some additional resource links from the SCAG Commuter Pocket Guide. Added links into Jeff Stapleton's pages. Updated status information on Route 1. Added extensive history information on US 395, courtesy of Casey Cooper. Added some status information on Route 39. Updated information on some of the early freeway plans in San Francisco. Updated information on Route 680. Added historical information on interstate submissions. Added information on Route 58 and Route 905 plans.

    Added the following information from the June 2001 Agenda of the California Transportation Commission: (widenings are listed for information only; no changes to pages)

    Added information on the following highway names approved by the legislature:

    May 2001:

    (Late May). Added one more member to the family: sanfrancisco. I"ve only got space for two more. (My domain provider allows me to create 15, of which I had 13 free for the family). Added some more various links in all categories.

    Added information on the naming of Route 71 between I-10 and Route 60 as the Pomona Police Officer Daniel T. Fraembs Memorial Highway. It was dedicated 5/11/01, but this was jumping the gun, as the naming legislation (SCR 29) has not yet left committee. Thanks to Hank Fung for calling this to my attention.

    Added history information to Route 14, courtesy of a posting on the subject by Mike Ballard in la.transportation. Added information on Temporary I-15. Added a logo for the Victory Highway. Added status information on the Route 92/I-880 interchange and Route 37 from a posting on m.t.r by James Lin. Added some more history to US 101. Added status reports on Route 41, Route 168, and Route 180 from Joe Rouse, based on an m.t.r posting.

    (Early May) Added three new members to the family: ushighways, highwayman, and wannabe.

    Link changes: On the regional links pages, corrected the Georgia state flag to the new state flag. Added information on regional planning agencies to the resource links page (lots of new links). Added Don Hagstrom's "Friends of Southern California Highways" and the Spaghetti Junction pages to the highway resources page. Added a new page on legislative activity.

    Added information on the Vicente "Vince" Andrade Memorial Bridge on Route 78, which was named by SCR 9 on 4/30/2001.

    Added updated status information on the following routes: Route 74 (the new proposed routing between I-15 and I-215), I-80 (HOV status in Sacramento), Route 119 (construction E of Taft).

    Added the following information from the May 2001 Agenda of the California Transportation Commission:

    April 2001:

    Added some speculations regarding the 1965 routing of Route 117. Usual regional link updates. Added some information on finding US 60 from I-10 (from an m.t.r posting). Added some more status information to Route 65. Added exit list links to Route 60, Route 91, I-5, I-10, I-710, I-405, and I-5, thanks to Jeff Stapleton. Added a link for SANBAG. Added some information to the US 395 page about the dogleg that once ran along I-15 and Route 74. Added some information on the old Southern National Highway plank road off old US 80 to the US 80 and I-8 pages; the information came from John W. Murphey, Architectural Historian, New Mexico State Historic Preservation Division. Added some information to Route 33. Added some information about TCRP projects in District 7 to I-5, I-10, Route 71, and I-405. Updated the links page for the new Added some links to the excellent UC Berkeley exhibit on Bridging the Bay, which is at

    March 2001:

    Added a search engine to the site, thanks to Freefind. [I've added similar search engines to my other sites, the Soc.Culture.Jewish FAQ (, and the Liberal Judaism Mailing List (

    Added some more regional links. Added information on the "Old Spanish Trail" to Route 80 (the US 80 portion). Updated some status information on US 101. Noted the signing of Historic US 40 in West Sacramento. Added some more information on Alternate US 50 and old Business Route US 50. Updated status information on Route 22 and Route 168. Made a minor correction in the signage of the first part of US 50. Added information on the signing of Route 262. Updated information on unrelinquished routings for Route 54, Route 170, Route 217, Route 224, Route 229, Route 252, Route 274, and I-880. Updated historical information on LRN 237 and Route 117. Added some information gleaned from a variety of CTC Agendas:

    I've also been scanning the legislative front. Boy, has the California legislature been busy. Over 2000 bills, assembly and senate combined, in two months. None have been signed by the Governor yet, so no page changes, but I'm watching.

    February 2001:

    Some minor changes in the San Francisco freeway history pages. Minor status and information updates to Route 1, I-5, Route 28, Route 35, Route 42, US 48, Route 60, Route 65, Route 84, Route 90, Route 91, Route 93, US 101, I-110, Route 139, Route 180, Route 220, LRN 223, Route 238, I-380, I-405, I-680, and I-710. The usual link changes, especially with the loss of TWU. Went through a massive link validation exercise. Quite a few links were deleted because they appeared to be broken, or the sites had moved somewhere that I couldn't find them. If your site disappeared as a result of this exercise, please let me know at Added a link to Better Roads magazine.

    Added another member to the family: Mike Ballard's Historical Highways of Central and Southern California, now at Incorporated some information from Chris Sampang's site into Route 1, Route 35, I-80, Route 82, Route 87, Route 230, Route 241, I-280, I-480, and I-980. Added links to Mike Ballard's East LA Interchange page. Added information on signing of US 66.

    Updated business route information for Route 54. Added some information on tunneling plans to Route 1, Route 101, and I-80. Added some historical information to I-105.

    January 2001:

    Usual set of link updates. Status information updates to Route 1, Route 5, Route 17, Route 56, Route 90, Route 95, and Proposed San Diego County Sign Route 680, based on postings on m.t.r. Link additions to Route 30, Route 58. Added a link to the CalTrans Traffic Manual and the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority. Added some more historical information to the San Francisco Freeway History page (information from Calvin Sampang). Started adding in BASE meta tags to catch when pages are framed by accident or intent. Add some more business routes to US 101. Added more information to Route 11. Added a link to Route 110.

    Added some information from the January 2001 Calfornia Transportation Commission agenda:

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