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May 2014:

It's been far too long since the last update. There's really no excuse, other than the lack of time and lack of urgency. Weekends have been filled with other interests and chores, making it difficult to find a day or two to sit down in front of a screen all day to do the updates. These updates were started while on vacation -- what else should I do while I sit in the hotel room while the wife sleeps in the morning? In some ways, it's a throwback to college days, where I would always do programming projects while sitting in the hotel room at the beach in Maui. But then work interferred... and so I'm finishing them over Memorial Day weekend. So let's get to it.

I started the year with the usual change page changover. I've gone back to having each year's change page having just a link to the current year and all past years. This is much easier than editing each year at the start of a new year to update the change list.

Updates were made to the following highways, based on my reading of the papers (which are posted to the roadgeeking category at the "Observations Along The Road" and to the California Highways Facebook group) as well as any backed up email changes. I didn't review the the AAroads forum this time — it hasn't been bringing much useful information, and a third of the year would be a lot of posts to review. I've given up on misc.transport.road. This resulted in changes on the following routes, with credit as indicated [my research(1), contributions of information or leads (via direct mail) from Frank Romano(2), Tom Jones(3)]: Route 1(1), I-5(1), Route 12(1), Route 29(1), Route 39(2), Route G10(3).

Reviewed the Pending Legislation page, based on the new California Legislature site. As usual, I recommend to every Californian that they visit the legislative website regularly and see what their legis-critters are doing. Noted passage of the following items:

I checked the CTC Liaison page for the results of the CTC meetings through May 2014. The following items were of interest (note: ° indicates items that were below the level of detail for updating the specific route pages) :

2.2a. Submittal of Notice of Preparation for Comments

***(May) 04-Ala-84, PM 13.3/13.4 Alameda Creek Bridge Replacement Project Replace existing bridge on Route 84 in Alameda County. (PPNO 0084B) (NOP)

2.2b. Submittal of Notice of Availability for Comments

***(Mar) 08- Riverside County Mid County Parkway Project- Construction of a divided highway between I-215 and Route 79 between the cities of Perris and San Jacinto in Riverside County. (See Route 74) (RDEIR/RDEIS) [Approved.]

***(May) 03- Sacramento County Rancho Cordova Parkway Interchange Project- construction of a new interchange on US 50 and new roadway in the City of Rancho Cordova and Sacramento County (EA03-1E2700) (DEIR) [Approved.]

2.2c. Environmental Matters — Approval of Projects for Future Consideration of Funding, Route Adoption or New Public Road

***(Jan) (1) Three projects: [Approved.]

  1. 01-Hum-299, PM 19.3/19.8 Acorn Curve Improvement Project Roadway improvements on a portion of Route 299 in Humboldt County.
  2. 04-SM-101, PM 1.60/2.20 US 101/Willow Road Interchange Reconstruction Project Improvements to an existing interchange on US 101 in San Mateo County.
  3. 06-Tul-99, PM 31.2/32.5 State Route 99/Cartmill Avenue Interchange Project Improvements to an existing interchange on SR 99 in Tulare County.

***(Mar) (2) Three projects: [Approved.]

  1. 01-Men-1, PM 2.34/2.53 Big Gulch Permanent Restoration Project Repair storm damage and make roadway improvements on a portion of Route 1 in Mendocino County. (ND) (PPNO 4513) (SHOPP)
  2. 05-SB-101, PM 45.6/46.4 Gaviota Curve Realignment Project Roadway improvements to a portion of US 101 in Santa Barbara County. (MND) (PPNO 2292) (SHOPP)
  3. 12-Ora-74, PM 2.93/5.06 Route 74 Shoulder Widening Project Roadway improvements to a portion of Route 74 in Orange County. (MND) (PPNO 4124) (SHOPP)

***(Mar) (3) 04-SM-1, PM 41.7/43.0 Route 1/Calera Parkway/Route 1 Widening Project Widen a portion of Route 1 from four lanes to six lanes near Pacifica in San Mateo County. (FEIR) (PPNO 0632C) (STIP) [Approved, as modified.]

***(Mar) (4) 07-LA-60, PM R23.3/R26.5; 07-LA-57, PM R4.3/R4.5 & 4.5/R4.8 Route 57/Route 60 Confluence at Grand Avenue Project Improvements to an existing interchange on Route 60 and Route 57 at Grand Avenue in Los Angeles County. (FEIR) (EA 27910) (Local/Federal) [Approved, as modified.]

***(Mar) (5) 11-SD-5, PM R28.4/R55.4 I-5 North Coast Corridor Project Roadway improvements to a portion of I-5 in San Diego County. (FEIR) (PPNO 0615) (STIP) [Approved.]

***(May) (5) Four projects: [XXX]

  1. 04-Son-116, PM 39.77/39.85 Highway 116 Slope Stabilization Project Repair embankment and make roadway improvements on a portion of Route 116 in Sonoma County. (MND) (PPNO 0819Q) (SHOPP)
  2. 06-Ker-99/178, PM R26.7/R1.9 Kern County Bridges Seismic Restoration Project Seismic improvements to four bridges on Route 99 and Route 178 in Kern County. (ND) (PPNO 6605) (SHOPP)
  3. 08-SBd-215, PM 0.58/1.66 I-215/Barton Road Interchange Improvement Project Roadway improvements to an existing interchange on I-215 and Barton Road in San Bernardino County. (ND) (PPNO 0243K) (STIP)
  4. 11-Imp-98, PM 30.0/32.6 SR 98 Roadway Widening Project Roadway improvements including additional lanes on a portion of SR 98 in Imperial County. (MND) (PPNO 0549A) ( Federal BIP)

***(May) (6) 10-Mpa-140, PM 42.0/42.7 Ferguson Slide Permanent Restoration Project Restore full highway access on Route 140 damaged by the Ferguson rockslide in Mariposa County (FEIR) (PPNO 0280) (SHOPP) [XXX]

2.3a. Route Adoptions

***(Mar) 05-SBt-25-PM R49.8/R52.4 Route 25 from Sunnyslope Road to 0.1 mile west of San Felipe Road, in the county of San Benito. [Approved.]

***(May) 04-Son-12 PM T17.6/21.6 Notice of Intention to Consider Rescinding Freeway Adoption in the county of Sonoma on Route 12. [XXX]

2.3c. Relinquishment Resolutions

*** (Jan) Five relinquishment resolutions: [Approved.]

  1. 05-SBt-25-PM 49.9/52.2 Right of way on Route 25 on Tres Pinos Road, San Benito Street, and San Felipe Road, in the city of Hollister.
  2. 11-SD-15-PM R45.9 Right of way along Route 15 on Dulin Road, in the county of San Diego.
  3. 11-SD-805-PM 21.5 Right of way along Route 805 on Balboa Avenue, in the city of San Diego.
  4. 12-Ora-91-PM R18.15/R18.86 Right of way along Route 91 from the Orange/Riverside County line to 0.7 miles westerly thereof, in the county of Orange.
  5. 04-Mrn-101-PM 11.6/11.9 Right of way along Route 101 on Myrtle Avenue, Grand Avenue, and Linden Lane, in the city of San Rafael. Resolution R-3897

*** (Mar) Three relinquishment resolutions: [Approved.]

  1. 03-ED-50-PM 16.5/18.5, Right of way along Route 50 between Ray Lawyer Drive and Mosquito Road, in the city of Placerville.
  2. 06-Kin-198-PM R16.9, Right of way along Route 198 at 12th Avenue and Hayden Avenue, in the city of Hanford.
  3. 06-Tul-198-PM 0.00/R3.27, Right of way along Route 198 from the Kings and Tulare County line to State Route 99, in the county of Tulare.

*** (May) Five relinquishment resolutions: [XXX]

  1. 03-Pla-65-PM 12.1/15.0, Right of way on Route 65 (Lincoln Boulevard) between realigned Route 65 and the northerly city limits, in the city of Lincoln.
  2. 03-Pla-65-PM 15.0/22.4, Right of way on and along Route 65 (Lincoln Boulevard) between the city of Lincoln limits and realigned Route 65, in the county of Placer.
  3. 04-Ala-880-PM R32.1/R34.5 Right of way along Route 880 between Market Street and West Grand Avenue, in the city of Oakland.
  4. 04-Ala-880S-PM 0.5 Right of way along Route 880S on Maritime Street, in the city of Oakland.
  5. 06-Tul-63-PM 3.01 Right of way along Route 63 on Avenue 256 (Oakdale Avenue), in the county of Tulare.

2.3d. Vacation Resolutions

*** (Mar) Three vacation resolutions: [Approved.]

  1. 04-Ala-238-PM 15.4, Right of way along Route 238 at Westerman Court, in the county of Alameda.
  2. 06-Tul-198-PM 0.00/3.02, Right of way along Route 198 from the Kings and Tulare County line to State Route 99, in the county of Tulare.
  3. 10-SJ-4-PM 5.5/6.9, Right of way along Route 4 between 1 mile east and 0.5 mile west of Tracy Boulevard, in the county of San Joaquin.

*** (May) One vacation resolution: [XXX]

  1. 06-Ker-99-PM 54.56 Right of way along Route 99 at Wollomes Avenue, in the city of Delano.

2.5b. Financial Allocations for SHOPP Projects

*** (Jan) (1) Financial Allocation: $72,256,000 for 13 SHOPP projects, programmed, as follows: (1) $27,874,000 for five SHOPP projects. (2) $44,382,000 for eight projects amended into the SHOPP by Departmental action. Contribution of $5,500,000 in Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) Funds. None of these projects were of particular interest: they involve updating pavement, replacing median barriers and bridge railings, adding rumble strips, and other non-major construction. Routes affected included Route 271 (Mendocino), Route 89 (El Dorado), Route 280 (San Francisco), Route 99 (Tulare), Route 12 (San Joaquin), Route 5 (Shasta), Route 101 (Santa Barbara), Route 99 (Kern), Route 138 (Los Angeles), Route 118 (Ventura), Route 15 (San Diego).[Approved.]

*** (Mar) (1) Financial Allocation: $198,787,000 for 29 SHOPP projects, programmed, as follows: (1) $54,091,000 for 16 SHOPP projects. (2) $144,696,000 for 13 projects amended into the SHOPP by Departmental action. None of these actions were major new construction. Actions included pavement rehabiltation, new pavement, pavement reconstruction, drainage, bridge joints, and other small but significant projects. Routes affected included: Route 1 (Mendocino, repair), US 101 (Humboldt, excavate contaminated soil), US 395 (Lassen, rehabilitate pavement), Route 20 (Colusa, rock slope), US 101 (San Luis Obispo, overlay pavement), Route 110 (Los Angeles, joint seals), Route 38 (San Bernardino, rehabilitate bridge deck), Route 138 (San Bernardino, replace bridge), I-5 (Merced, reinforce bridge), Route 120 (Stanislaus, repair pavement failure), Route 108 (Tuolumne, rock slope protection), I-805 (San Diego, erosion repair), I-5 (Orange, erosion repair), Route 70 (Plumas, rock slope protection), Route 96 (Siskiyou, cable mesh drapery), Route 24 (Alameda, security enhancement), US 101 (Santa Barbara, high friction surface treatment), Route 46 (San Luis Opispo, overlay pavement), I-5 (Los Angeles, replace cracked slabs), I-10 (Los Angeles, replace cracked slabs), I-405 (Los Angeles, overlay pavement), I-605 (Los Angeles, extend pavement service life), Route 12 (San Joaquin, repair bridge).[Approved.]

2.5c. Financial Allocations for STIP Projects

*** (Jan) (1a) Financial Allocation: $16,699,000 for the State administered STIP Dogwood Road Interchange project (PPNO 0523) on Route 8 in Imperial County, on the State Highway System. [Approved.]

*** (Jan) (1b) Financial Allocation: $3,712,000 for three State administered STIP projects on the State Highway System. These were mostly asthetic improvements to vista points, bridges, landscaping, and signage on Route 168 (Fresno), Route 99 (Madera), and Route 14 (Los Angeles). [Approved, as modified.]

*** (Mar) (1b) Financial Allocation: $59,151,000 for the State administered STIP Route 138 Widening (Segment 1) project (PPNO 0239D), on the State Highway System, in San Bernardino County. [Approved, as modified.]

*** (Mar) (1c) Financial Allocation: $800,000 for the State administered Border Infrastructure Program Route 905/Route 125 Northbound Connectors project (PPNO 1101), on the State Highway System, in San Diego County. Contributions from other sources: $2,000,000. [Approved.]

*** (May) (1b) Financial Allocation: $1,804,000 for the State administered Border Infrastructure Program; Route 98 Widening (West of Route 111) Phase 1 Project (PPNO 0549A); in Imperial County on the State Highway System. [XXX]

2.5g. Financial Allocations for Prop 1B RTE 99 Projects

*** (Jan) (2) Financial Allocation: $7,000,000 for the locally administered Cartmill Avenue Interchange Route 99 project (PPNO 6410), in Tulare County, on the State Highway System. Contributions from other sources: $21,181,000.  [Approved.]

FREQUENTLY USED TERMS IN CTC MINUTES: California Transportation Commission (Commission or CTC), California Department of Transportation (Department or Caltrans), Regional Improvement Program (RIP), Interregional Improvement Program (IIP), State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP), State Highway Operation and Protection Program (SHOPP), Traffic Congestion Relief Program (TCRP), Public Transportation Account (PTA), Clean Air and Transportation Improvement Act of 1990 (Proposition 116), High Speed Passenger Train Bond Program (Proposition 1A), Highway Safety, Traffic Re-duction, Air Quality, and Port Security Bond Act of 2006 (Proposition 1B), Corridor Mobility Improvement Account (CMIA), State Route 99 Bond Program (RTE or SR 99), Local Bridge Seismic Retrofit Account (LBSRA), Trade Corridors Improvement Fund (TCIF), Highway-Railroad Crossing Safety Account (HRCSA), State-Local Partnership Program (SLPP), Traffic Light Synchronization Program (TLSP), Letter of No Prejudice (LONP), Environmental Phase (PA&ED), Design Phase (PS&E), Right of Way (R/W), Fiscal Year (FY)

Prior Year Changes:

Note: Changes before early 1996 were not specifically noted, although this site, in various forms, dates back at least as far as 1986, when the first postings of California Highway Lists were made to ca.driving.

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