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This page provides links maintained for specific regions of North America, and a few other places. It includes both "unofficial" pages and the pages for the specific state highway departments. I welcome comments and corrections to this information; you may reach me by sending Email to Note that, since this is California Highways, California comes first, and gets a little special presentation.

Note: Individual highway entries also contain highway specific links.

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[Bridging the Bay] Bridging the Bay: Bridging the Campus (University of California, Berkeley Library).
The exhibit includes books, documents, architectural drawings and renderings, blueprints, artifacts, maps, and photographs. The bridges documented include the Golden Gate Bridge, the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, the Carquinez Bridge, the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge, the Antioch Bridge, and the Dumbarton Bridge. The exhibit also contains documents detailing Bay Area bridge projects that were seriously considered, but were never built.
[AARoads] California Highways @ AAroads (Andy Field and Crew).Formerly limited to just San Diego, Andy Field and the crew at AARoads have expanded to cover all of California.

Note: You can keep up to date with changes at AARoads via their blog.

[A Member of the Family of Web Pages]
[Road Signs and Sights] California Road Signs and Sights (Mark Roberts). Photos of California road signs, signals, and various highway sites.  
[Expressways] California Expressways (Eric Smith). Portion of the expressway pages that focus on California specific expressways, including the Santa Clara County expressway, expressways in the state highway system, Alfred Harrel Hwy (Bakersfield), Bell Rd (Placer County), Geary Expressway (San Francisco), LAX Expressway (Los Angeles), Richmond Parkway (Bay Area), and San Jose Ave (San Francisco). Catsynth.Com's Highway Pages (Amar Chaudhary). A collection of various articles regarding highways in California. Includes a discussion forum.  
Fallbrook Travel and Road Information Fallbrook Travel and Road Information (Tom Chester).
Information about the roads in Fallbrook, a small town near San Diego.
floodgap roadgap Floodgap Roadgap (Cameron Kaiser). A personal collection of roadgeekery, with a special emphasis on dead or dying routes in an effort to preserve them photographically in a state as close to their last living alignment as possible. Roadgap is generally concerned with Southern California. Routes included are Old US 395, CA 47, CA 103, The Arroyo Seco Freeway: CA 110 (Old CA 11, Old US 66), The Mass Grave: CA 7, CA 14U, CA 31 (and TEMP I-15), US 60, US 91, The Road to Cabrillo: Old CA 209, The Crosstown Freeway: Old CA 30, Balboa Avenue: Old CA 274, Not Quite South Bay Freeway: CA 54 and BR 54 , and El Toyon Freeway: Dead CA 252 .  
Highway 101 Project Highway 101 Project (Don Wilson)
A site devoted to the preservation of the memory of the original route of US 101 in the area from San Jose to Santa Barbara, California. The purpose of this project is to locate the original routing of 101 in relation to the current road system, and to photograph and document, wherever possible, the original cement sections of the old route, and existing structures that were originally businesses that were primarily intended to serve motorists on the 101. The project will be divided into a number of sections that span the 101 route from Santa Barbara north to San Jose, Ca. Each section page will include a southbound and northbound detailed road guide for following the original 101 route by automobile.
MKPL Logo Historic Photos and Maps of California Highways (Mark Furqueron).
This site covers highways, and their design and history, mainly in California. Pages on this site include: Highway Photos of signs that are now gone, starts and ends of major highways, and Orange County tollways; California bridge designs; Historic Photos and Maps of California highways; aerial and road views of California interchanges; articles from California Highways and Public Works and much more.
[A Member of the Family of Web Pages]
[Santa Clarita Resources] Historical Highways of Central and Southern California (Mike Ballard).
These pages includes information on US 6 and US 99, as well as information on unbuilt freeways, maps, East Los Angeles interchanges, and much, much more.
[A Member of the Family of Web Pages]
[DLK Highways] Kriske.Com's Highway Page (David Kriske). This page provides information on California's Highway Signs, the Embarcadero (Golden Gate) Freeway [I-480], the Hayward Bypass (Route 238), the Grapevine, San Francisco's Urban Freeways, and much more.  
Mile By Mile Mile By Mile (California). California Road Maps, California Road Condition Photos, & Highway RV Travel Itineraries.  
Mojave Roads Mojave Roads (Larry Turoski). A chronicle of travels in the California, Nevada, and Arizona deserts, as well as a guide for those new to desert travel or those looking for new places to explore.  
[SBC Rides] Motorcycle Rides of Santa Barbara County (Jeffrey Donovan). Very nice pictorials of a number of Santa Barbara Highways, including Route 154, Route 176, Route 1, Route 150, Route 135, Route 192, and Route 246.  
[Erin Lin's Page] Orange County Toll Roads Exit Guides (Eric Lin).
This site provides an exit list for the freeway routes in Orange County.
[Pashnit.Com] Pashnit.Com: California Motorcycle Roads (Pashnit). Photologs of numerous rides on state highways.  
[Ridge Route] Ridge Route: The website dedicated to that curvy little road that united California. This site provides history of the ridge route, tour information, a map, connections to related sites, and information on regular maintenance of the route.  
[Roadtrip to California] Roadtrip to California and Los Angeles (Scott Kozel). A trip to California, with lots and lots of pictures. [A Member of the Family of Web Pages]
[San Diego Exits] San Diego Freeway Junctions (Phillip Edrelsky).

A list of freeway exits in San Diego and Imperial Counties and some parts of Orange and Riverside Counties.
[Spectracity] Spectracity (Dave Schuermann).
The Sacramento Highway Project Information Page. All the info you wanted to know about Sacramento highways.
 [Wallers Street Page] Street Page (Jeff Waller).
Includes information on California highways, including a specific section on Santa Cruz, and fanciful Interstate ideas.
tuxtravels Tux Travels (Torrin). Pictures of routes in California, primarily in San Diego County.  
[] US Highways in California Page (Casey Cooper).
The historic US highways of California have the same magic that Route 66 has, although much of theirs is still waiting to be rediscovered. This site is a repository of information about the 18 US highways that once traversed California.
[A Member of the Family of Web Pages]
Official Pages
[Caltrans] California Department of Transportation.
The folks that make this all possible, by building the roads in the first place. And the second place. And the third place. One of the more interesting pages here is the Caltrans Photolog Video.
[Scenic Highway Program] CalTrans List of Scenic Highways.
A list of the scenic highways in California.
Bakersfield Freeways Bakersfield Freeways.
The website of the City of Bakersfield, Freeway Engineering Division. In the summer of 2002, the City created this division to deal with the many major transportation projects that it is undertaking. These projects primarily involve freeway type projects and their interchanges with the street system, but this Division also oversees the development of the projects that are part of Alternative No. 15 of the Bakersfield Systems Study.
[Toll Roads] Transportation Corridor Agencies.
The folks that maintain the toll roads in Orange County (Route 73, Route 241, and Route 261)


Multiple States or Areas

Hobbyist Pages:

* AAroads. This site, which really consists of multiple sites, provides an entryway into sites covering almost every state. AARoads offers a wide range of highway coverage spread throughout six domains. Due to the large number of areas profiled, the AARoads family includes a number of additional domains:, and continues to carry the Delaware Highways Page, and the High Priority Corridors. SouthEastRoads covers the southeastern U.S. and provides a listing of every Interstate highway and Interstate Business Loop or Spur.
* Alps' Roads. Covers all of the United States, specializing in California, Connecticut, Georgia, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Québec, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Vermont, and assorted other states. Mostly photos.
(Steve Alpert)
* American Roads. The American Roads web site features information and resources related to finding and traveling America's scenic and historic old highways. Travel down the Lincoln Highway, the National Old Trails Road, or the Old Spanish Trail. Find old, forgotten alignments of US 60 or 80. Get off the freeways and see the real America!
* Froggie's Highway Photography.These pages document the many photographs and roadtrips that Froggie has taken over many roadtrips, specializing in the mid-western and eastern US.
(AJ Froggie)
* Worldwide Highway Library. Videos of highways from around the world.
(Carl Rodgers)

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Hobbyist Pages:

* Alabama Routes
(David Sturm, currently being maintained and updated by Froggie)
* Alabama Fantasy Freeways
(AJ Froggie)
* Alabama Gateway
* Alabama Road History Page
(Joe Gillis)
* The Shoals and Northwest Alabama: In Pictures
(Christopher Holder )
* Southern Highways
(Robert Lee)
* US 78 in Mississippi and Alabama: Appalachian Regional Corridor X
(Chris Lawrence)

Official Pages:

* Alabama Department of Transportation

Alaska Flag

Hobbyist Pages:

* Alaska Roads
(Oscar Voss)

Official Pages:

* Alaska Department of Transportation

Arizona Flag

Hobbyist Pages:

* Arizona Gateway @ AARoads
(Andy Field)
* Arizona Roads
(Alan Hamilton)
* Southern Highways
(Robert Lee)

Official Pages:

* Arizona Department of Transportation
* Hoover Dam Bypass
* I-19 Corridor Study
* Realignment Study of State Route 95 North of Interstate 40 to State Route 68

Arkansas Flag

Hobbyist Pages:

* Arkansas @ AARoads. Sitemap to all pages covering the state of Arkansas. Unless otherwise noted, all photographs taken by Justin Cozart.
* David Backlin's Road Snaps. David is a misc.transport.road regular who lives in the Fayetteville AR area; here are some of his snaps of the roads in AR, MO and a few in outlying areas. You may notice that David rilly digs bridges. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.
(David Backlin, hosted by Mr. Yamamoto)
* Interstate 555
(Chris Lawrence)
* I-69 Info: The future corridor from Indianapolis to Mexico
(Chris Lawrence)
* This site contains the complete National Bridge Inventory Data from 2003 (2002 for Nebraska) for eight states in the midwest! This site features bridge information and pictures from Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Texas.
(Ben Prusia)
* Southern Highways
(Robert Lee)

Official Pages:

* Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department

Colorado Flag

Hobbyist Pages:

* Colorado Gateway @
(Andy Field)
* Roadtripping: Colorado Style. This website is a visual record of the COSMIX (Colorado Springs Metro Interstate Expansion) project occurring in (surprise) Colorado Springs, Colorado. It started in the Summer of 2005 and is anticipated to finish in late 2007.

Official Pages:

* Colorado Department of Transportation

Connecticut Flag

Hobbyist Pages:

* Alps Roads: Connecticut
(Steve Alpert)
* Connecticut Gateway: NortheastRoads @ AARoads. Sitemap to all pages covering the state of Connecticut. Unless otherwise noted, all photographs taken by Alex Nitzman, Andy Field, and Carter Buchanan.
* Connecticut Roads
(Scott Oglesby)
* Nutmeg Roads
(Owen McGaughey)

Official Pages:

* Connecticut Department of Transportation
* Merritt Parkway Conservancy
* The Route 6 Coalition

Delaware Flag

Hobbyist Pages:

* Alps Roads: Delaware
(Steve Alpert)
* Delaware Highways
(Alex Nitzman)

Official Pages:

* Delaware Department of Transportation

DC Flag
District of Columbia

Hobbyist Pages:

* District of Columbia @ AARoads
* District of Columbia Highways Page
(William Yurasko)
* DC Roads.
(Steve Anderson)
* Roads to the Future
(Scott Kozel)

Florida Flag

Hobbyist Pages:

* Florida Gateway @ AARoads
(Alex Nitzman and Andy Field)
* Florida Highways
(Mark Furqueron)
* Tamiami Trail (US 41)
(St. Petersberg Times)

Official Pages:

* The Big "I". This site provides information on the reconstruction of the I-10/I-95 Interchange in Jacksonville, Florida.
* Florida's Turnpike
* Florida Department of Transportation

Georgia Flag

Hobbyist Sites:

* Alps Roads: Georgia
(Steve Alpert)
* Old Atlanta Transportation Plans
(Pete Jenior)
* Georgia @ AARoads. Sitemap to all pages covering the state of Georgia. October 2000 photographs taken by Jana Clark. Unless otherwise noted, all other photographs taken by Alex Nitzman, Andy Field, Carter Buchanan, or Justin Cozart.
* Georgia Road Geek. A blog of Georgia road news.
(Steve Williams)
* Georgia's State Highways
(Michael Edmonson)
* Georgia State Highway Ends
(Geoffrey William Hatchard)
* Peach State Roads.
(J.T. Legg)

Official Sites:

* Georgia Department of Transportation

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* Site up as of last visit. [Road Closed] Link Down or Disappeared. If you know to where this link has moved, please send me email. If I haven't heard anything, it may be removed at the next round of updates. Often, these are kept on the list in anticipation of their returning. The original URL is retained as an HTML comment.
[Under Construction] Site is up, but is undergoing extensive renovation. If you are aware of renovation being completed on this site, please let me know. [Rough Road: Site May Be Down] Site may be down. The name was there, but the site was non-responsive at the last check. If you have further status on this site, please let me know.
[Lane Ends] Site is up, but is going away. The site is up, but is likely to disappear at any time. [Dead End] No Longer Maintained. This site is still up, but is no longer being maintained.

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