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Historical: California Road History

DLK's Logo David Kriske's California Freeway Signs Page. Some interesting pages that trace the evolution of freeway highway signage in California.

MKPL Logo Mark Furqueron's Calfornia Historic Bridges and Signing Page (Mark Furqueron). This page includes good pictures of I-10 Santa Monica Freeway construction to the west from the Harbor Freeway (CA 110); 1962 and I-405 San Diego Freeway construction south showing the Mulholland bridge, 1962; Cahuenga Pass on the US 101 Hollywood Freeway in 1961; Figueroa Street Tunnels in 1941 and the signing on the exit from the northbound Pasadena Freeway to US 101, in 1962.

Caltrans Logo CalTrans History Page

Caltrans Photo Gallery. Includes photos of the "Four-level" interchange near downtown Los Angeles (1954); the "Grapevine" between Los Angeles and Kern counties (1934); Beale's Cut, adjacent to the Newhall Tunnel in northern Los Angeles County (1937); the Hollywood Freeway near downtown Los Angeles (1953); and traveling along the Ridge Route Alternative (Old U.S. 99) in Piru Gorge (1948).

[SFV Bus History] Kymberleigh Richards' History of Valley Bus Transit Service. This page provides the history of current San Fernando Valley bus lines, with cross-references to Asbury Rapid Transit, Metropolitan Coach Lines (MCL), Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority (LAMTA), and RTD lines that preceded them.

[LA History] Los Angeles History Gallery. A gallery of photos and maps from the early and not so early days of Los Angeles. This includes a 1946 Thomas Brothers Map.

[LARC] Los Angeles Red Car Concept. The Mission of the Los Angeles Red Car Concept is to commemorate the history and contribution of the Red Car to the City of Los Angeles and to the Region by creating a historic trolley tourist attraction which will reconnect major elements of downtown Los Angeles. In addition to circulating visitors between the different downtown centers of business, education, history, culture, entertainment, residence and government, a more positive image of downtown will be created.

[Pacific Bus Museum] Pacific Bus Museum. The Pacific Bus Museum is an active organization of "bus enthusiasts" based in Northern California who are dedicated to honoring the history of bus transportation. Their collection of buses, bus artifacts and memorabilia strives to preserve a unique part of history for present and future generations.

[PE Subway] Elson's Trinidad's Pacific Electric Subway. This page provides lots of information on the first subway in Los Angeles, and contains pointers to other pages on the Pacific Electric and related systems. Some other good links in this area are:

SCV ResourcesSanta Clarita History Page Mike Ballard's Historical Highways of Central and Southern California This page includes local history and information on US99. It also has online maps of California from 1939, 1960, and 1965 and Virtual Tours of US 99 and US 6.

Las Vegas History

[American Casino Guide] American Casino Guide: Casino News. Good news about what is happening with respect to Las Vegas Casinos. Alas, it includes news from other cities as well.

Las Vegas
Death Watch
Las Vegas Casino Death Watch. This page keeps track of the hotel/casinos that its author feels are most likely to close their doors in the near future.

[LVLG-HAT] The Las Vegas Leisure Guide - Heard Around Town. News and gossip about what is happening in Vegas and surrounding environs.

[LV History] Las Vegas Strip History. The most detailed history on the web of the hotels on the Vegas Strip. Note that this page requires Internet Explorer.

[Vintage Vegas] Vintage Vegas. Information about 1950s Vegas. Includes a chip collection, matchbook collection, and vintage postcards.

General Highway History

American Roads Steve Varner's American Roads. The American Roads web site features information and resources related to finding and traveling America's scenic and historic old highways. Travel down the Lincoln Highway, the National Old Trails Road, or the Old Spanish Trail. Find old, forgotten alignments of US 60 or 80. Get off the freeways and see the real America!

Creating Interstates Logo Richard Weingroff: Creating the Interstate System.

Trails Logo Dave Schul's North American Auto Trails. This site is devoted to the old roads--the marked trails that existed in the 1910s-1920s, before road numbering came into wide usage.

SCA Picture Society for Commerical Archeology. Established in 1977, the SCA is the oldest national organization devoted to the buildings, artifacts, structures, signs, and symbols of the 20th-century commercial landscape.

Historical: California Rail Transit History and Museums

CSRR Logo California State Railroad Museum (Sacramento, CA)

CTRC Logo California Trolley and Railroad Corporation (San Jose, CA)

EHRA Logo Electric Railway Historical Association of Southern California

FRSS Logo Portola RR Museum (Portola, CA)

FMRR Logo Fillmore & Western Railway Company (Fillmore, CA)

GGRM Logo Golden Gate Railroad Museum (San Francisco, CA)

Transcontinental Railroad History of the Transcontinental Railroad. A nice summary history of the transcontinental railroad.

[LAMOR] Los Angeles Museum of Railroading. A 501(c)(3) corporation dedicated to the creation of a permanent institution in the City of Los Angeles which will document and preserve our city's unique and colorful railroading and public rail transportation heritage.

Winetrain Picture Napa Valley Wine Train

[Niles Canyon Railroad] Niles Canyon Railroad. (Sunol, CA)

OERM Logo Orange Empire Railway Museum (Perris, CA)

Poway Railway Logo Poway-Midland Railroad Volunteers

SDRMS Logo San Diego Railroad Museum (San Diego, CA)

SCRVHS Logo Santa Clara River Valley Railroad Historical Society (Fillmore, CA)

Sierra Logo Sierra Railway/Railroad and Railtown State Park (Jamestown, CA)

SCSRA Logo Southern California Scenic Railway Association

Travel Town Logo Travel Town


[Aviation History] Ron Dickson's Aviation History of the San Fernando Valley. This site has some great aviation information, as well as a good selection of old maps of the San Fernando Valley area, which also just happen to show highways as well :-).

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