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2001-2002 Camp Whittle

Sponsored by the Chippewa, Mohave and Mohican Tribes

About the Event This is our annual trip to Camp Whittle, near Big Bear Lake, . For those who haven't made this trip before, you're in for a great experience. With any luck, we'll have some snow - and there are plenty of hills for sledding. There will be the Ga-Sioux Nation Olympics, the scavenger hunt (remember, Josie loves M&M's), great food, a campfire, archery, a hay ride and many more activities. It's a fantastic weekend, and this year's shaping up to be another great one!
Date/Time January 4-6, 2002. You may arrive early (Friday late-afternoon / evening), where you'll find Hot Chocolate and cookies waiting for you, along with your cabin assignments.
Cost 65.00 per person. This cost includes all meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday, and breakfast on Sunday), and all activities. It's very important for you get signed up for the trip no later than December 31, 2001 so that all the cabins can be properly assigned, as well as ensuring that we've met our attendance quota for the camp.
Registration To be guaranteed proper cabin assignments, you must sign up in advance, either at the YMCA, though your chief, or through Josie, by December 31, 2001. Sign-ups will be accepted after this date, but you will not be guaranteed proper cabin assignments. We expect the camp to be full; there is no guarantee of space if you do not pay and reserve in advance. If you have any requirements for cabin assignments (you have two or more children in different tribes), let Josie know at the Y and she'll make every attempt to accomodate you.

How to Register: 

  • Through your Chief. As always, you may register through your chief. Please allow sufficient time for your chief to pass your payment and registration to Josie.

  • Through Email. Send Email to Josie Rea <>, indicating how many reservations are to be made, and how you wish to pay.

  • In Person. You may pay in person at the North Valley YMCA facility. This is the only assured way to pay by credit card.

  • By Telephone. Call the North Valley YMCA at (818) 368-3231 and ask for Josie.

Directions It is a good idea to car-pool to the camp, as it is a fairly long drive--between two to three hours. Remember to have chains for your vehicle as it may snow and you will not be allowed on the mountain without chains if that does occur.

The following are driving directions to Camp Whittle, from the North Valley YMCA

The Back Road

[Whittle Back Route Map]
  1. Get on [CA 118] going E.

  2. [CA 118] East to [I-405] N

  3. [I-405] North will merge into [I-5] North

  4. [I-5] North to [CA 14] N (towards Palmdale)

  5. [CA 14] North to Pearblossom Highway (East)

  6. Pearblossom Highway (East) to [CA 138] (East)

  7. [CA 138] (East) to [CA 18] (Palmdale Road)

  8. [CA 18] (East) to [US 395]

  9. [US 395] South to Bear Valley Road

  10. Bear Valley Road East to [CA 18] (Note: You can stay on [CA 18] and avoid the cutoff, but it is longer)

  11. Continue on [CA 18] to [CA 38] (Do not cross into Big Bear City) [See Vicinity Map Below]

    [Whittle General Vicinity]

  12. [CA 38] to Fawnskin

Through The City

[City Route to Camp Whittle]
  1. Get on [CA 118] going E.

  2. [CA 118] East to [I-210] East

  3. [I-210] East to [I-10] (you'll have a 90-degree turn near Pasadena, and another 90-degree turn (when [CA 30] splits off) near LaVerne)

  4. [I-10] East to [CA 30] North

  5. [CA 30] North to [CA 330] North

    [Whittle General Vicinity]

  6. [CA 330] North through Running Springs, where it meets up with [CA 18]

  7. [CA 18] East to [CA 38]

  8. [CA 38] along the N edge of Big Bear Lake to Fawnskin.

From Fawnskin

[Map to Camp WhittleOnce you reach Fawnskin, turn on to Rim of the World Drive. It is 3 miles to Camp Whittle. A short distance from Fawnskin (approx ¼ mile), the paved road ends into a well-graded dirt road. Follow [FS Road] US Forest Service Road 3N14 (marked with a small brown sign at the entrance to the road; the road name is Rim of the World Drive). Camp Whittle will be on your left.

Important Phone Numbers:



What to Bring
  • Sleeping bags/Pillows
  • Clothes enough for 3 days (bring extra socks and underwear)
  • Warm clothes, including a good jacket and gloves - we'll be at about 6500 feet above sea level, in Winter
  • Towels
  • Camera
  • Sunscreen
  • Snacks/Drinks (meals are provided but that mountain air makes the kids mighty hungry)
  • Flashlights
  • Toothbrush
  • Soap/shampoo
  • Any required medicine, including OTC painkillers such as Tylenol
  • Good hiking/snow boots - or at least good sneakers with good treads
  • Extra film Flashlight and extra batteries
  • Sled (if there's snow!)
  • Nerf/regular football, baseball gloves and a ball, and other outside games
  • Band-aids/aspirin/pepto-bismol/etc.
  • Ideas for a skit / music to sing by (we're dying to see your tribe perform at the campfire!)
  • Chains for your car.

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