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This is the home page for the parent-child programs at the North Valley YMCA in Porter Ranch, Calfornia, in the Northern San Fernando Valley near Los Angeles. For more information about these programs, choose the About The Programs selection from the menu.

Parents: Become involved with your children!

The North Valley YMCA offers three programs for parent-child involvement:

  • Y-Papooses. This program is is a parent-child program designed especially for pre-schoolers. The program has regular meeting and special outings.

  • Y-Guides and Y-Princesses. These are father-child programs for K-3rd Graders. Based on the previous Indian Guides and Indian Princesses programs offered by the Y in past, these programs have regular "tribe" meetings as well as regular events for all tribes together.

  • Trailblazers. These father-child programs for 4th graders and older offer more challenging shared experiences, such as whitewater rafting, in a less structured environment.

To learn more about these programs, and to sign up, please contact Josie Rea at 818/368-3231.

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