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Zionism in Israel Today

Abramov, SheneUr Zalman. Perpetual Dilemma: Jewish Religion in the Jewish State. Associated Univ Pr; 1976. Hardcover. ISBN 0-838616-87-9.
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Ben-Yehuda, Nachman. The Masada Myth: Collective Memory and Mythmaking in Israel. Univ of Wisconsin Pr; 1995. Paperback. ISBN 0-299148-34-3. [This looks at the story of Masada and claims that evidence does not substantiate the story. It then looks at how the narrative was transformed and incorporated into the collective memory and mythos of Israel, driving resultant attitudes.]
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Carr, Caleb. The Lessons of Terror: A History of Warfare Against Civilians. Random House Trade Paperbacks; (March 11, 2003). ISBN: 0375760741.
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Chamish, Barry. The Last Days of Israel. Dandelion Books; 2000. Paperback. ISBN 1-893302-16-4. [This book, by a controversial writer, explores Israeli political intrigue and corruption]
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Hazony, Yoram. The Jewish State: The Struggle for Israel's Soul. Basic Books; 2000. Hardcover. ISBN 0-465029-01-9. [This book traces the intellectual roots of 'post-Zionism' and shows its pervasive influence in Israeli society.]
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Katz, Amnon. Israel: The Two Halves of the Nation. Inverted A; 1999. Hardcover. ISBN 0-938245-14-7. [Vision of Zionism as a national movement for all the people of Palestine]
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Laqueur, Walter (ed), Rubin, Barry (ed). The Israel-Arab Reader: A Documentary History of the Middle East Conflict. Penguin USA; 1995. Paperback. 5th revised and updated edition. ISBN 0-140245-62-6.
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Liebman, Charles; Don-Yehiya, Eliezer. Civil Religion in Israel: Traditional Judaism and Political Culture in the Jewish State. Univ California Press; 1983. Hardcover. ISBN 0-520048-17-2.
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Netanyahu, Benjamin. A Durable Peace: Israel and Its Place Among the Nations. Warner Books; 2000. Hardcover. ISBN 0-446523-06-2. [Discusses the relationship between the development of Zionism and the Arab-Israeli conflict, especially the Palestinian issue.]
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Ravitzky, Aviezer; Swirsky, Michael (trans); Chipman, Jonathan (trans). Messianism, Zionism, and Jewish Religious Radicalism (Chicago Studies in the History of Judaism). University of Chicago Press; 1996. Hardcover. ISBN 0-226705-77-3. [This book probes Orthodoxy's divergent positions on Zionism, which range from radical condemnation to virtual beatification. This book is indispensable to anyone concerned with the complex confrontation between Jewish fundamentalism and Israeli political sovereignty.]
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Ruskay, John S.; Szonyi, David M. (ed). Deepening a Commitment: Zionism and the Conservative/Masorti Movement: Papers from a Conference of Conservative/Masorti Movement Leadership. Jewish Theological Seminary of Amer; 1990. Paperback. ISBN 0-873340-59-0.
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Shlaim, Avi. The Iron Wall: Israel and the Arab World. W W Norton & Company; 1999. Hardcover. ISBN 0-393048-16-0.
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Silberstein, Laurence J. The Postzionism Debates: Knowledge and Power in Israeli Culture. Routledge; 1999. Paperback. ISBN 0-415913-16-0. [Postzionism is a term increasingly used in Israeli public culture to refer to those who challenge zionism's hegemony. This book discusses and analyzes the debates over post-zionism that go to the heart of Israeli national identity and culture.]
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Tessler, Mark A. A History of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (Indiana Series in Arab and Islamic Studies). Indiana Univ Pr; 1994. Paperback. ISBN 0-253208-73-4.
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