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1999-2000 Camp Whittle

Children are identified in photos using only their first names or their "nicknames" within the parent-child programs. Prior to 2002, the parent-child programs (guides, princesses, papooses) had a Native American theme, and hence photos and nicknames from that era will reflect that theme. A transition away from that theme was started in 2002, and will take a few years to complete.

Granada Hills Parade
Camp Fox

Thunder Cloud and Golden Dove shooting arrows
A dad (Thunder Cloud) working teaching his daughter (Golden Dove) to shoot arrows.
Playing in the snow
Tiger Lily, Little Bunny, and Golden Dove (Sioux North) play in what little snow we had on the pasture
Sledding down the hill
Red Sky helps Tiger Lily sled down the hill, while Red Feather watches
Tug of War
The Tug of War during the Tribal Games (the princesses won, as usual)

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