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The Traditional Viewpoint

Brav, Stanley Rosenbaum, ed. Marriage and the Jewish Tradition Philosophical Library, New York. 1951.

Bulka, Rabbi Reuven P. Jewish Marriage: A Halachic Ethic. Ktav Publishing House; 1986. Hardcover. ISBN 0-881250-77-5. [Very thorough with many source references; treats modern-day problems as well.]
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Kaufman, Machael. Love, Marriage, and Family in Jewish Law. Jason Aronson; 1992. Hardcover. ISBN 0-802225-54-3. Jason Aronson; 1996. Paperback. ISBN 1-568218-84-2. [It has a good explanation of Taharat Hamishpacha and has some food for thought on what we look for in someone we are planning on marrying. Has good advice on keeping marriages together. Also has good references if you want to read more.]
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Lamm, Maurice. The Jewish Way in Love and Marriage. Harper and Row, New York. 1982. ISBN 0-060649-16-X. Jonathan David Pub; 1991. Paperback reprint edition. ISBN 0-824603-53-2.
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Lebovits, Yehudah. Shidduchim and Zivugim: The Torah Perspective in Finding Your Mate. Philipp Feldheim; 1987. Hardcover. ISBN 0-944070-01-9.
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Prager, Dennis and Telushkin, Joseph. The Nine Questions People Ask About Judaism. Simon & Schuster, New York. 1981. Reprinted 1986. ISBN: 0-671622-61-7. [In particular, there is a chapter on "Intermarriage and the Non-committed Jew".]
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Stolper, [Rabbi] Pinchas M. Jewish Alternatives in Love, Dating and Marriage. University Press of America; 1965, 1985. Hardcover. ISBN 0-819144-75-4.
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