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Section 20:
References and Getting Connected

  1. I'd like to learn more? Do you have any books to recommend?
  2. What are the different hechsher symbols?
  3. Where can I find Jewish-oriented mailing lists?
  4. What are the good Jewish search engines?
  5. What are some good Jewish links on the WWW?
  6. Is S.C.J available via a Listserv or other e-mail means?
  7. What divrei Torah are posted to Usenet?
  8. Where can I find collected divrei Torah?
  9. What software is available for Hebrew applications?
  10. What other Jewish software is available?
  11. Are there any Jewish Libraries on the Internet?
  12. I'm interested in ordering books or music on the internet. Where should I look?
  13. Boy, you did a wonderful job on the FAQ? How do I show my appreciation?

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