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Section 10:
Conversion, Intermarriage, and "Who is a Jew?"

  1. Does Halacha (Jewish law) permit intermarriage?
  2. I'm a Jew who married a gentile. Am I still Jewish?
  3. I'm a Jew who accepted the tenets of another religion, but now wants to practice Judaism again. Am I allowed? Am I still Jewish?
  4. OK, then apart from halachic considerations, why do many Jews of all types oppose intermarriage?
  5. Is objection to intermarriage a form of bigotry?
  6. But I still want to intermarry? Do you know of a Rabbi that performs intermarriages?
  7. How does one convert?
  8. What about adults who are not circumcised?
  9. What does the word "Jew" mean?
  10. Who is a Jew?
  11. What is the origin of Matrilineal Descent?
  12. I've heard that Jewish parents consider an intermarried child as "dead". Is this true?
  13. Why is the conversion process so complicated? The matriarchs didn't have to convert.
  14. What is the status of a child when the mother converts to Judaism during pregnancy?
  15. Through how many generations does Matrilineal Descent remain valid?

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