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Section 9:
Jewish Worship

  1. How does a rabbi differ from a priest?
  2. Do you need a rabbi for a wedding?
  3. Do you need a rabbi for a divorce?
  4. How do Jews pray?
  5. Is there a distinctly Jewish form of meditation?
  6. Does Judaism have a strong tradition of religious art and music?
  7. What is a synagogue?
  8. What will I find in a synagogue?
  9. How is a synagogue operated?
  10. What functions does a synagogue serve?
  11. What is the name of the Jewish God?
  12. What is the reason for a "minyon" (a quorum of 10 men requried for certain prayers)?
  13. What is the "Shema"?
  14. Where can I learn about the prayers before eating?
  15. What is the structure of the morning service?
  16. When should morning services start?
  17. Why do people put their tallit over their heads when they pray?
  18. What is the importance of collective worship in Judaism?
  19. What is the difference between Conservative Prayer and Orthodox Prayer?
  20. What is the Timeline of Women in the Rabbinate?
  21. Are extremely observant men permitted to pray at home?
  22. What is the Qetzatzah Ceremony?
  23. What time of day were the sacrifices offered?

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