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Question 9.5:
Is there a distinctly Jewish form of meditation?


Yes. Meditation has long been a part of Judaism. Today, there is a revival that is discovering the richness of the Jewish meditative tradition. Part of this comes from regularity of practice (think of this like the repeating of a "mantra" in other cultures, although there is much more). Meditation and reconnecting yourself to G-d occurs through daily and regular Jewish observances such as daily prayer, kashrut (keeping kosher), Shabbat and holydays. The silent "shemoneh esrei" prayer is also a form of meditation.

There is much information on Jewish Meditation available on the web:

Readers might also consult Section 4.10 of this FAQ, which contains a discussion of [KQ]abbalah. You might also look at some of the books in the "mysticism" portion of the reading list.

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