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Daniel P. Faigin
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Northridge CA 91324
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Technical Specialization

Computer Security, Information Assurance, Software Engineering Methodology, Criteria Development


December 1988-Present
The Aerospace Corporation. El Segundo CA. Senior Engineering Specialist.

April 1985-December 1988
Unisys Corporation, Defense Systems, System Development Group (originally System Development Corporation, now Lockheed/Martin). Santa Monica CA. Senior Program Analyst

July 1983-December 1984
Quadratron Systems Incorporated. Encino CA. Programmer.

Designed and programmed major commercial software products for UNIX platforms, including an interactive menu system (Q-MENU), a printer spooling system (Q-SPOOL), an electronic mail system (Q-MAIL), and an interactive directory manipulator. Supported other Quadratron office automation projects. Designed menus to interface with other Quadratron products and the UNIX shell. Performed system management functions.

September 1982-June 1983
University of California at Los Angeles. Los Angeles CA Graduate Teaching Assistant.

Performed teaching and administrative support for introductory programming courses.

January 1984-June 1983
Faigin and Wynn: An Accountancy Corporation. Los Angeles CA. Consultant.

Served as system engineer for the design and operation of a job costing system for client billing. Redesigned product as platform changes occured. Supervised installation and operation of General Ledger and Payroll systems.

December 1975-November 1981
DABCO Computer Systems Inc. Los Angeles CA. Systems Analyst.

Principle designer and programmer for multi-faceted business solutions, including Job Costing and Purchase Order Tracking. Served as maintenance programmer for Payroll and Accounts Payable systems. Developed and wrote users manuals for applications.



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