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California Highways

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My area of professional expertise is Computer Systems, in particular Cybersecurity. I work in El Segundo as an Senior Engineering Specialist at The Aerospace Corporation, a Federally Funded Research and Development Center that primarily does space-related engineering for the United States Air Force. Part of my work at Aerospace involves supporting the Common Criteria, which is the evaluation criteria that replaced the Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria ("Orange Book"). In particular, I support the Common Criteria Evaluation and Validation Scheme of the National Information Assurance Partnership. I supported the initial development of the Common Criteria, and support the current interpretation of the document. I also do extensive work with the Risk Management Framework (RMF) and the NIST security control suite (i.e., NIST SP 800-53, SP 800-37, SP 800-160, SP 800-171, CNSSI 1253, CNSSP 12, DODI 8500.01, DODI 8510.01, and related publications). Before I worked at Aerospace, I woked at System Development Coporation (SDC), where I helped design the architecture for the Access Control Center of the A1 BLACKER Network Device. I was also involved in performing architectural analysis on the Secure Distributed Database Project (SD-DBMS). For more details, see my Resume. I received my CISSP certification in April 2009.

I am also active professionally. I am a Senior Fellow of the Applied Computer Security Associates, and am actively involved in its main activity, the Annual Computer Security Applications Conference (for which I have been Professional Development Chair since 1989, and Conference Chair from 2001 through 2004). For many years I was a member of the ACM, the Los Angeles Chapter of the ACM (for which I am a past Chair), and the ACM Special Interest Group on Security Audit and Control (SIGSAC) (for which I am a past Chair and a past Treasurer). Our family is also involved with the Society of Women Engineers.


I have honored to have Karen Davis as my wife since 1985. Karen is a graduate of CSUN, and for a long time was a technical writer. She has also made hand-made dolls, and currently is working on a gluten-free cookbook. She's a wonderful person to talk to if you need information on Celiac Disease, which is a sensitivity to gluten.

I'm active on Facebook as cahwyguy. You can find my blog at I also maintain the geneology for my family tree.

Theatre Reviews

I love live theatre and live performance, and attend -- on average -- at least one performance every weekend. I write up almost every performance I go to (I may miss the occasional concert). There are those that consider me a theatre reviewer; I view myself as a professional audience. You can find my theatre posts on my blog, which contains a summary of where we subscribe. You can read my theatre reviews here.

I am open to receiving announcements of shows from publicists -- that's one way I find the shows that I see. In general, I don't accept free tickets; this is a side effect of my working for an FFRDC and their ethics rules. I am glad, however, to make arrangements for half-price tickets -- I'd rather the money go to the theatre than to a discount ticket company.

California Highways

If you hadn't figured it out by the name of the site, I'm really into highways. This started when I was a map collector as a child. It broadened until I became a roadgeek, with a large interest in all things transportation related. I maintain the California Highways Web Page, which provides lots of information on every numbered state highway and every route in the formal county route system.

An interest in the roads of Calfornia leads to subsidary interests in railroads and trolleys; unsurprisingly, I am a member at the Orange Empire Railway Museum. I also have a interest in Los Angeles and Los Angeles History, as well as Las Vegas history.

Other Interests and Hobbies

I have many interests and hobbies, which ebb and flow, back and forth.

I am a boardgamer, and enjoy playing boardgames of all varieties. I have a large collection of games, which I have listed up at BoardGameGeek. If you might be interested in gaming, and live in the San Fernando Valley, drop me email.

I am also into music, both Broadway Musicals and folk music. Currently, my favorite musical groups include Peter, Paul, and Mary, Tom Paxton, and the Austin Lounge Lizards. I have two iPod Classics, modified to have 512GB of storage, and am constantly adding music to them. I can't play anything; I'm a professional audience, remember.


I am active in the Jewish community, likely owing to my experiences growing up at the Wilshire Blvd Temple Camps. We're currently affiliated with Temple Ahavat Shalom in Northridge, and I'm a Past President of the Men of Temple Ahavat Shalom (MoTAS), I maintain the Soc.Culture.Jewish Frequently Asked Questions and Reading Lists (although that has gone quiet), and have moderated the Mail.Liberal-Judaism Mailing List (that, too, is moribund, although there is a Facebook reflection of it). I'm was a moderator for soc.culture.jewish.parenting in the days of Usent. In the past, I've served as Social Action Chair for Kol Tikvah, and Religious Practices V.P, Publicity V.P., webmaster and newsletter editor for Temple Beth Torah of the San Fernando Valley. After a few years at Temple Beth Hillel in Valley Village, we rejoined Temple Ahahvat Shalom in Northridge.


Blog: Observations Along The Road.

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