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Faigin-Davis Family Tree


Genealogy is very important... and very ephemeral. Often, by the time we get interested in genealogy, those family members from whom we must obtain the stories have passed. This leaves the research up a tree. Luckily, the internet makes it easy to investigate family trees, both from the records available online, to the the contacts that can be made. The goal of this site is to facilitate those contact related to my family's history.


This site covers the family tree for myself (Daniel Faigin) and my wife (Karen Davis). The databases typically include our ancestors, all their children, and any other information I can find (i.e., children's spouses, etc.). Not all names are direct relatives, and I often do not have detailed ancestor information for those not directly related. There are a number of different lines available in this database. The following is a summary of how particular lines fall into sides:

  • The Faigin Side: The primary lines encompassed on this side are Faigin, Heyman, Powell, Meyer, Seches, Hesse, and Weinbaum. There are a number of additional lines connected by marriage, such as Jacobus, Levy, Crevoi, etc.

  • The Davis Side: The primary lines encompassed on this side are Davis, Koss, Goldberg, Weisberg, and Morrison.

Click here for a list of all the surnames in the tree.


How to Use This Site

From this top-level page, you can obtain a list of all the names in my research database. Access to further information is restricted. There are two ways to investigate further:

  • Narrative Summary. If you contact me, I can provide you with a username and password to the restricted portion of the site. This is an alphabetical narrative of all information in the database. Note that only limited information is provided for living individuals. To use this list, you start either with the surname list or with a particular name. Last Updated: 31 December 2006

  • Ancestry.Com. The specifics of data in the tree is also available to genealogical researchers who have memberships on ancestry.com, or who have specifically been invited by me to see the tree. If you would like an invitation, please contact me at faigin -at cahighways.org. Last Updated: 30 December 2006

    Note: It is likely that the Narrative Summary is more up to date than the Ancestry Tree. This is because Ancestry doesn't yet permit me to update a tree in place. Thus, to update the tree I must delete the old one and upload a new one. This means it will get updated less frequently as I will need to coordinate the updates with those that share the tree.


Privacy Notes

I do my best to respect the privacy of living individuals. At the public level, only the names of the individuals are available (and these names are available from numerous other sources). If you still don't want just your name to be listed, please let me know and I'll see what I can do to suppress it. Information beyond just the name is available only in the password-protected portions of the database, and the password is only provided to those individuals who are related, or to folks specifically doing genealogical research (which requires a paid membership to Ancestry.com, or a specific invitation from me).

A note to those concerned about identity theft. I work for a living in the field of Computer Security. The prime avenue of identity theft is your Social Security Number, and often, your past street addresses. Other information, such as mother's maiden name, is easily available. Please recognize that your bank doesn't check your genealogy when you give your mother's maiden name. What this means is that you can give anything to them—in reality, it is just a password, and the "mother's maiden name" is a password hint. Hence, try to give something that is less publically available (but that the phrase "mother's maiden name" will trigger)—such as the name of a pet, the name of a childhood friend, etc. Another concern is making available the names of your children. As parents, we are often concerned that someone might use these names to abduct or otherwise harm our children. Alas, the names themselves are often public, as birth records are public records. I'll note that I only make names available on the public site. From the private site, the only additional information (since your children are (thank God) presumably still alive) is the relationship—I generally do not make pictures available. This means that the only real risk would come from a relative. However, if such a threat exists for your branch of the tree, please let me know, and again, I'll see what I can do to suppress the information.


I welcome corrections and clarifications of information; please send them to me at faigin@cahighways.org. When sending in information, please note that the following information is extremely useful:

  • Names (including maiden names) and relationships.
  • Dates of birth and death, even if approximate.
  • Places of birth, death, and residence.
  • Dates and places of marriages and related events (divorces, annulments, etc.)
  • Occupations
  • Dates and places of military service.
  • Any other stories you wish to share.

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