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About Our Tribe...

[Da Boss] Welcome from 'da Boss
This page provides a welcome to site visitors.
[Meet Us] Meet the Club
This page lists the members of the tribe.
Rosette Image Past Activities
This page provides information on past activities of our tribe, including reports about the activities and photographs.
Rosette Image Upcoming Activities
This page provides a calendar of upcoming tribe meetings, events, and nation events in which the club participates.

Tribe Events on The Horizon...

Tipi: Next Regular Meeting Our next meeting: October 3, 2003 at Sid's House. 7:00 PM
GA-Sioux Nation Logo Our next nation event: October 19, 2003. Nation Picnic at O'Melveny Park. 1:00 PM

Sharing With Other Tribes...

Crafts Logo Crafts
This page provides information on some of the crafts we have done. It also provides links to other sources of craft ideas.
Games Logo Games
This page provides information on some of the successful games we have played with our tribe. It also provides links to some ideas for games that others have done.
This page provides information on skits that the tribe has done. It also provides links to some sources of skits.
Songs Songs
This page provides information on songs that the tribe has done. It also provides links to sources of camp and campfire songs.
Picture of Drum Stories
This page provides links to stories that have proved popular with our tribes at past meetings. It also provides links to some sources of stories elsewhere on the web.

Learning about Native American Culture and the Sioux...

Image from Lakota Dress Yoka, ca. 1900-1920 Sioux Nation Resources
This page provides a collection of links to Native American resources that provide information on the proud Sioux Nations, including the Lakota and the Dakota.

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This site is presented in conjunction with the North Valley YMCA's Guides/Princesses (Guides/Princesses) program. This program implements the Guides and Princesses portions of overall Native America-themed Parent-Child programs (as described by the U.S. YMCA). This page is intended to comply with the Y Guides/Princesses guidelines on the usage of the Native American theme and culture.
No offense to Native Americans, in particular, to members of the Sioux nation, the Lakota, the Dakota, or the Nakota is intended. Please send any corrections regarding this site, or suggestions for improvement to the site webmaster.

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Giving Credit Where Credit is Due...

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